Tips to Finding a Real Home Business

They say that pornography makes up half of the content on the internet. It seems like the other half largely made up of scams and shady business opportunities. There are legitimate real home business opportunities out there, quite a lot actually, but how can you be sure you are looking at one. Here are a few tips that will help you with your search.

The business opportunity must be PRODUCT DRIVEN. There must be a highly desirable product, one that YOU will want to use, around which the business opportunity is built, otherwise, it is just a money shuffle and will have no long term staying power. This will provide both a retail market and an affiliate market for you to grow your business. It is helpful, but not necessary, if the product was a stand alone product before a business opportunity was attached to it. This shows a track record for the product.

The company behind the product and business opportunity needs to be transparent. You want to be able to take a good look at the company and its history to determine the integrity of the company and if you would feel comfortable representing it. If you want to run your business with integrity, then your opportunity must have integrity.

The pay plan…the almighty pay plan. There are so many complicated, hard to follow, even harder to explain pay plans when there doesn’t need to be. This is your life blood so find one that is simple and easy to understand (look up Perpetual Leverage for a good example of this).

This next one is just a fact of life; to be a real home business it will require you to work. There is no free lunch (sorry for the cliché). I’m not talking about 40 hours per week; you should be able to get started with 10 to 15 hours per week. There will be things that you will be able to OUTSORCE which will make your 10 to 15 hours more productive, but a real home business can not be fully automated, it must be worked.

With these guide lines and some due diligence you should be able to come up with several good choices that you feel comfortable with. Your work is not done, however. You need to find a mentor, someone who you connect with and is already successful, to teach you how to market your new business and, more importantly, market yourself. A good mentor is absolutely essential to your success and the most important piece to this puzzle. If you fall short here, it will be difficult to recover from. Good luck in your search.

Theresa and Kevin Moss are home based business owners who currently coach a team of like minded entrepreneurs how to grow their business through various forms of internet marketing including articles, video, and social media. They are the proud affiliates of a wildly successful vacation membership and enjoy combining the income pay plan with the travel bene

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